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DP students who are changing the world by acting locally

November 04, 2021 Jon Peterson / Bhavya Prabu and students Season 2 Episode 33
IB Matters
DP students who are changing the world by acting locally
Show Notes

In this episode we talk to 5 students from Ebenezer International School in Bangalore, India and their Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS) teacher Bhavya Prabu. These students have created a CAS Project based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (known as the UN SDG’s). They mentor younger students to learn about particular SDG’s and then help them develop TED Talk format speeches for their peers. To make it even more challenging they have done this while never setting foot in the school or meeting their mentee students face to face.

This project illustrates the extraordinary young people who take on the Diploma Programme. Each of these students deserves a huge salute for their service to others and their commitment to making the world a better place. 

As a privacy precaution, the students’ school has asked that listeners fill out a form if you would like to see their web page for this project.

Link to access the website: Google form. (Sorry this link is coming soon)

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